Happily we are able to confirm that there will be a packed marquee for birds from bantams to ducks & geese again this year.

Our Poultry marquee is kindly run by Mr John Barry, Lycaon, Blitterlees, Silloth, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 4JR

The entries will be judged by Mr Thomas Moody


Old English Game Large Fowl

  1. OEG Any Other Colour Male
  2. 2. OEG Any Other Colour Female

Old English Game Bantams

  1. Black Red, Dark Red Male
  2. Clay, Wheaten, Partridge Female
  3. Duckwing Male/Female
  4. Spangle Male/Female
  5. Furness Male/Female
  6. Black or Blue Male/Female
  7. AOC Male
  8. AOC Female
  9. Modern Game Male/Female
  10. 2017 Bred Male/Female

Large Soft Feather

  1. A.C. Silkie Male/Female
  2. Heavy Breed Male/Female
  3. Light Breed Male/Female

Variety Bantams

  1. A.C. Wyandotte Male/Female
  2. RIR Male or Female
  3. Australorp Male/Female
  4. Sussex Male/Female
  5. A.C. Rock Male/Female
  6. Ancona Male/Female
  7. A.C. Leghorn Male/Female
  8. Dutch Male/Female
  9. AO True Bantam Male
  10. AO True Bantam Female
  11. Any Other Variety Male/Female
  12. 2017 Bred Male/Female
  13. Cross Bred Male/Female


  1. 3 Hen Eggs
  2. 1 Supreme Hen Egg A.C.
  3. 3 Bantam Eggs A.C.
  4. 1 Supreme Bantam Egg A.C.

Children’s Classes

  1. A.V. Hard Feather Male/Female
  2. A.V. Soft Feather Male/Female


  1. A.V. Bantam Duck or Drake
  2. A.V. Large Duck or Drake