The Judging starts a 10:00am with the Turnout & Saddle horse classes, followed by the Mountain & Moorland, the Fell Ponies, Shetlands & finally the magnificent Shires and Clydesdales.

Later on we have the spectacle of the carriage driving and frantic cone driving competition.


Classes for White & Coloured goats, a firm favourite with the children.


The mainstay of the judging competitions includes many breeds, from the local Fell breeds, Herdwicks & Swaledales to the lowland Texels, Beltex & Chorolais to the colourful Jacobs.

There are also classes for young handlers to show us their skills.


There will be many foxhounds from our local pack Melbreak and other packs competing. Also classes for Terriers, gun dogs & Sheep Dogs. Don’t forget the classes for childrens pet dogs and also the fur & feather class.


Will be a packed marquee for birds from bantems to ducks & Geese


All sorts! From l’aal grey Fergies to polished MG’s & simple stationary engines.