The Organisation is Loweswater & Brackenthwaite Show Limited which trades as Loweswater Show and has its Registered office at Beech Hill, Mosser, Cockermouth, CA13 0SS, Company Number 08170824 and is a private company limited by guarantee in England which has appointed an Agricultural Committee and an Industrial Committee. Details of the committees can be found in the Catalogue or on request from Rachel Moore, general secretary (0121 368909).


No stock entered for the competition is to be removed until after the Grand Parade.

All Exhibitors must comply with the Rules.

The Stewards in charge of various rings are responsible for their good management, and have all control over the exhibitors and their attendants.

The Judges or Committee reserve the power of withholding any prize should the exhibit or animals, in their opinion, not be of sufficient merit.  If there is only one entry in any class the Prize money will be reduced by one half.  Exhibitors to be notified three (3) days prior to the Show.

The prizes, except where stated otherwise, to be open to all comers. No Cups to be won outright.

The Company reserves the right to appoint other Judges in the case of illness or non-attendance.

The Company will not be responsible for any loss or accident which may occur, but reserves the right, through its appointed Committee, to correct any error or mistake which may arise.  Livestock exhibitors are solely responsible for the control of their animals which must remain in their allocated places until called and exhibitors must insure their own stock for Public Liability. The entry form now includes a declaration to this effect.

ALL pre-entry classes will be catalogued. No entries, unless otherwise stated, will be taken on the field.  ALL pre-entries to be made on the entry form to the person stated for each section, no later than Friday, 17 August 2018.  NO entries will be taken by phone and NO late entries for Horses, Sheep or Goats will be accepted except at the discretion of the secretary.

Should any Prize Animals or Lot, shown singly or in groups, be disqualified, the prize will go the next in merit.  Prize money is payable not later than 1 November.

Any protests are to be made in writing to the Secretary within two (2) days of the Show, accompanied with a deposit of £10, which deposit shall be forfeited in the case the protest shall not be  sustained and, if sustained, the defaulter will be held liable to the Company for the amount of  deposit.  Any dispute or mistake that may arise shall be referred to the Committee for consideration whose decision shall be final and without appeal.

The Company will gratefully receive Subscriptions and Support.  Well-wishers and Exhibitors may send their contributions direct to The Secretary, who will gladly acknowledge the same.

Enquiries should be directed to the relevant Secretary.


By signing the entry form or entering a competition class in any way, entrants accept that we will share their data, if necessary, with the relevant breed societies. Data will be published in our Show Programme, and be on the Show’s website and given to the local press with regards to the Show’s results. Entrants’ data will also be retained in order that the Show secretaries can provide entrants with a Show schedule of classes in the subsequent year.

Entrants have the right to withdraw consent of this at any time by contacting the Show Secretary, using the contact form on this website or by telephoning  01900 368909.