Results 2017

2017 Class winners list




Class 1 A Bell
Class 2 H Robinson
Class 3 B Stevenson
Class 4 P Robinson


Best in-hand – Mrs B Stephenson
Class 5 TBC
Class 6 TBC
Class 7 TBC


Class 8



A Bell

Class 9 P Robinson
Class 10 J Sadler
Class 11 S Foster
Class 12 Mr&Mrs Mallinson
Overall best in hand, riding and family pony – Stephanie Foster

Native Ponies

Champion native pony – Stephanie Foster
Class 13 TBC
Class 14 TBC
Class 15 TBC
Class 16 TBC
Class 17 TBC
Class 18 TBC

Registered Fell Ponies

Champion fell pony – Robert Relph Brigg
Class 19 TBC
Class 20 C Robinson
Class 21 R Relph Brigg
Class 22 TBC

Heavy Horses

Champion Clydesdale horse and foal- Mr A Matear
Class 23 TBC
Class 24 TBC
Champion heavy horse and foal excluding Clydesdale – SJ & Mrs D Steadman
Class 25 TBC
Class 26 TBC

Miniature Shetland Ponies

Best miniature in show – K&D Thompson
Class 27 TBC
Class 28 TBC
Class 29 TBC
Class 30 TBC
Shetland Ponies

Champion standard Shetland pony – P&S Atkinson

Class 31 TBC
Class 32 TBC
Class 33 No entries
Class 34 TBC
Class 35 L Johnston on Poppy
Class 36 TBC

Carriage Driving

Class 37 No entries
Class 38 M Barlow
Class 39 S Oliphant


Class 43 Lana Norman with Sunkissed
Class 44 Lana Norman with Quillo (Champion)
Class 45 Lana Norman with Vanish
Class 46 Lana Norman with Vee
Class 47 Lana Norman with Whiskey & Flip
Class 48 Lana Norman with Whislter




Class 49 Neil Hardisty
Class 50 Neil Hardisty
Class 51 Pauline Blair
Class 52 Neil Hardisty (Champion)
Class 53 Alan Edmondson
Class 54 Neil Hardisty
Class 55 Robert Wilkinson
Class 56 Alan Edmondson
Class 57 Barbara Stagg
Class 58 Alan Edmondson
Class 59 Robert Wilkinson
Class 60 Neil Hardisty
Class 61 Alan Edmondson


Class 62 No entries
Class 63 No entries
Class 64 A Gill
Class 65 A Gill (Champion)
Class 66 A Gill
Class 67 A Gill

Cross bred

Class 68 Miss Armstrong (Champion)
Class 69 Miss Armstrong
Class 70 Miss Armstrong
Class 71 Miss Armstrong
Class 72 Adam Brown


Class 73 Jemma Marrs (Champion)
Class 74 Jake Scott
Class 75 Adam Brown
Class 76 Jemma Marrs
Class 77 Adam Brown
Class 78 Adam Brown


Class 79 No entries
Class 80 Paul Murray
Class 81 Paul Murray
Class 82 Paul Murray
Class 83 Charlotte Pickthall
Class 84 Katie Hayton (Champion)

Young Handler

Class 85 Rebecca Meadley

Champion of Champion Sheep

Neil Hardisty with aged herdwick tup


Melbreak Foxhounds
Class 88 Drummer owned by K Glaister (Best Walked)
Class 89 Gypsy owned by S Moffat
Class 90 Cragsman owned by P Wybergh
Class 91 No entries
Class 92 Drummer owned by K Glaister
Class 93 Glory owned by P Byers
Class 94 Crummock owned by P Glaister (Best Looking)
Class 95 No entries
Best working Melbreak hound last season
Denmark owned by kennels
Best Group of Four Foxhounds
Class 96 Eskdale & Ennerdale
Open Foxhounds
Class 97 Clasher of Eskdale & Ennerdale
Class 98 Damsel of Melbreak
Class 99 Deaker of Coniston (Best in Show)
Class 100 Dreamer of Coniston
Jack Russell Type
Class 104 Toby owned by T Metcalf
Class 105 Patch owned by W McKee (Champion)
Class 106 No entries
Border Type
Class 107 Fergal owned by A Johnston
Class 108 Tweed owned by J Fawcett (Champion)
Class 109 May owned by C Waltier
Lakeland Type
Class 110 Paddy owned by P Scott
Class 111 Milly owned by P Edmondson (Champion)
Class 112 Chance owned by N Richardson
Best Pair of terriers
Class 113
Gun Dogs
Class 114 Moss owned by J Ratsey-Bowe
Class 115 Oban owned by P Thompson (Champion)
Class 116 Mr A Harrison
Class 117 Mr S Parnaby
Class 118 Mr R Pontier
Class 119 Mr R Smithson and Mr R Bell JOINT CHAMPIONS
Class 120 Mr T Sowerby
Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling
Under 9’s
Rebecca Bennett